“Cryptocrystalline” - minerals in which the individual crystals are too fine to be distinguished under a microscope.

Cryptocrystalline is Mineral Melange’s first product reveal which features an assortment of swimsuits embodying blue and green hues of Chalcedony and Chrysoprase. Each swimsuit is characterized by Chalcedony and Chrysoprase’s unique physical and spiritual properties, and of course, too fine to be kept under wraps. 

  • Chrysoprase

    A gemstone variety of chalcedony that owes its green color to trace amounts of nickel. Its healing properties promotes forgiveness, anti depression, and attracts the abundance of love. 


A form of quartz that embodies a waxy luster and assumes a wide range of colors, though blue being the most regal to me. Chalcedony encourages mental flexibility and enhances the learning abilities of whoever possesses.