Mineral Melange is an NYC based designer swimwear label with each swimsuit embodying mineralogical elements and spiritual meaning. Featuring an assortment made to fit all body types, each swimsuit is named after specific minerals and gemstones, while constructed to mimic unique geological and mineralogical properties. Mineral Melange suits are handmade and designed by former geologist turned fashion designer, Brittany McGregor, along with the in house help of NYC based garment designers. 

While appealing to customers who seek swimwear that reflects their spiritual connection to the Earth and the cosmos, Mineral Melange also prioritizes providing larger top coverage, catering to a demographic that is underserved in today's current retail market.

Our connection to geology and astrology resonates with individuals who see swimwear as more than just clothing, but as a form of self-expression, environmental consciousness, and personal empowerment.